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Man named Raphael Nat Wallis founded this brand in 1923 by opening its first store in Chapel Market, Islington, London. The stores slogan was “Comparison invited, Competition defined “, they had many customers because of the low price tag on their items. They were famous for their 19 shillings coats and dresses. The business was very good for them by 1940s they had around 25 stores in the United Kingdom with a revenue turnover of 300,000 a year. In the headship of Jeffrey Wallis the son of Raphael Nat the brand had grown immensely, they were stated known as the Paris Originals because of the different selection of dresses they started to bring from Paris and produced copies of many top couture brands. Due to these copies of different dresses and brand many were attracted to Wallis which had the majority of working women and U.K top socialites. In 1960s they shifted their aim to British designer and shifted their design theme to incorporate British trend. With ever increasing interest from buyers abroad they took a collection of 70 suits, dresses and coats to United States in 1964.
They started in the U.K but later started to open in different countries first was Europe, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Saudi Arab, South Africa, Canada and many more countries. They have also worked with Cancer Research UK to raise funds for charity by charm bracelet used by celebrities like Kate Moss and Scarlett Johansson.