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More About The Body Shop Discount Code

Did you know that over 80 percent of countries have no laws about animal testing? The Body Shop has started a campaign and take a stand to prevent this cruelty with the help of people. The objective of this campaign is to sign the petition to get animal testing banned around the world with aiming to achieve 8 million signatures to present the petition to UN in 2018.

What Makes Them Cruelty Free

The Body Shop products go through extensive testing procedures to make sure that they are not only safe and effective to be used but also cruelty-free. They utilize three main testing approaches involving laboratory created cells, computerized data and people.

In-silico (computer-based) investigation uses readily available, existing data that helps to assess the suitability of similar materials by a process of anticipation of the information. Whereas, the laboratory-produced skin has been grown from human skin cells and enables the researchers to conduct security checks on cells that react in virtually identical manner as individual skin without harming any animal or human. Last but not least, to make sure good tolerance on individuals, the products go through limitation testing, which involves putting a tiny amount of product on individual’s skin to ensure that the product safe and effective for human use. This activity is generally performed at the last stage of testing a new formulation.

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